Tower cranes
Liebherr offers you a program that is versatile like no other. It consists of machines of all systems and size categories with the best lifting techniques. This great diversification you will also find in our extensive rental fleet with over 200 devices. For many decades, the flexible fast-erecting cranes and the efficient top-slewing cranes have proved in the housing industry as well as in the case of large projects in our region and around the world. ... Go to tower cranes

Used machines
In this section you will find current information about listings of used construction equipment as well as used equipment or spare parts. Go to used machines


Concrete mixing tec.

Concrete truck mixer
Liebherr build truck mixers from the customer requirements regarding chassis, nominal size, design, paintjob and accessories as a customized solution for every application. The Advantages of the Liebherr-truck mixer amount to an optimum utility value for more profit.Go to concrete truck mixer

concrete mixing plants
The program of Liebherr concrete mixing plants includes vertical and horizontal versions, as well as mobile systems. Extensive variations and mixing systems allow the use of transport as well as the concrete products plants. Concrete mixing plants realize we will also arrange for special applications. Horizontal mixing plants from Liebherr offers horizontal mixing in different versions from 0.5 to 4.5 m³.

Liebherr-mixing plants are highly efficient with minimal space requirements. Go to concrete mixing plants